ACS Project SEED


The American Chemical Society (ACS) Project SEED Program at Salisbury University offers a unique opportunity for high school students to spend a summer conducting hands-on research with scientists in a laboratory setting – while getting paid!

Dr. Anthony J. Rojas, who is the founding director and coordinator of the program, has been overseeing and organizing the program since 2019.  Project Seed offers economically disadvantaged high school students an opportunity to broaden their education in the field of science as well as thinking about new career paths as they approach critical turning points in their lives. ­

If you are interested in participating in the Project SEED program at SU, please apply by completing and submitting the forms below this paragraph.

Thank you for your interest in our Project SEED Program!

If you are eligible, you can apply for this program during Spring semester of each year! The deadline is April 30. Selected students will work 8-10 weeks in the summer, typically in June- August, and will receive a stipend of $2500 for their work.

Our general eligibility requirements are that,

1) You must be a rising Junior or Senior in high school

2) You have taken at least one chemistry course before the summer

3) Your family income should be less than 200% of federal poverty line

Please fill in the following form below (page 1 only) and email it to

2019 Student Application Form_SUMMER1